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Fishmongering "U Luvassu"

Quai l'Hirondelle Monaco MC

“U Luvassu” which means “a wolf” in Monegasque language reopened in 2017.

This reopening is the culmination of a beautiful story, a meeting of sea lovers. It’s a story of a passion which both Eric Rinaldi and his father André have always had. The last fisherman of the Principality Eric found in FMB, the company of Fanny and Bruno, the ideal extension of his passion.

“U Luvassu” is facing the blue sea close to the fabulous Grand Yacht Club in the very heart of Monaco. Eric Rinaldi and the Laracca bring us the authentic and we love to share and put at your disposal for your pleasure, the fruit of their passion.

Opening hours:

From Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.