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Chik Club

In August in Cannes, come and enjoy jazz concerts in Domergue (Villa Domergue - Impasse Fiesole): mythical musicians and young prodigies of improvisation will demonstrate that jazz music, constantly nourished by traditions and modernity, remains more alive than ever.

Now a must-see event, the Domergue Jazz Festival allows to the public to enjoy a high-quality jazz music and the sublime surroundings of Villa Domergue's gardens.

Artistic direction: Hanna Baudet

On the program in 2018:

* Wednesday, August 1st: Sylvain Luc and the Chemirani Brothers

* Thursday, August 2nd: Tony Paeleman 4TET

* Friday, August 3rd: Enhco Quartet

* Saturday, August 4th: Athe Iracema