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Chik Club

Thursday Live Sessions au Grimaldi Forum Monaco from ChikTV on Vimeo.

I Say, “Make Some Noise!”

When the celebration of June 21st traditional music festival falls on a Thursday, at the Grimaldi Forum it necessarily rhymes with Thursday Live Sessions. 

To this already-common format (free live music and free access), we will also share the concept: that of a stage opened to singers, musicians and groups of the Principality of Monaco who will take turns on the Indigo’s stage at the end of the day. With eclectic genres and a confident musical diversity, the Grimaldi Forum highlights selected artists (Princesse de Nuit, Olivia Dorato, The Where, The Loud Silence, Mister Noise) and who will enjoy performing in this hotspot of live music that has already seen so many talents go through it, both experienced and in the making.

Free entry 

Booking recommended